Welcome to the HTTP Monitor

What is it?

HTTPMon is a novel website monitoring tool that will survey the state of your website, by sending it a valid request at regular intervals using the HTTP protocol. In other words HTTPMon will find out if your website is online or offline for any reasons and will log this result. The data gathered can then be analyzed live on this website. Furthermore, HTTPMon will provide you with valuable information about your website -and therefore web hosting- which is not easily available to non-IT specialists.


Nowadays, for many individuals and companies it is of crucial importance that their website is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without any or very little downtime. HTTPMon will help you keep track of your website's uptime performance, helping you to make the right decisions regarding your hosting company, infrastructure or software used by your website.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wishes to know what is happening behind the scenes of their website and hosting provider.

Is it free?

HTTPMon is free to use as it is. If you require custom settings or configuration, such as a specific URL to be monitored, e-mail alerts to be sent, exporting data or even a shorter interval time between the probes, feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to offer you a quote.

I want to see it right now in action!

Enter "www.day.com" in the "Enter Website Here" field on the top left and click on the "Monitor" button.

This website is not being monitored by HTTPMon. If you wish HTTPMon to monitor it, simply press the Sign Up Now button below.