First bug found in Opera with JavaScript keydown event

The very first HTTPMon bug has been found and already corrected. Luckily this bug is only present when using the Opera browser and would prevent a user from entering a website in the monitoring input field on the left of the HTTPMon interface using the enter key. The monitor button would work but impossible to submit a website to monitor with the enter key.

The problem here is that the JavaScript preventDefault method of the keydown event is not respected in Opera and as such the default action of the form would be triggered upon a carriage return key. This is a known issue and the workaround here is to simply replace the keydown event with the keypress event. This workaround has been tested with Opera, Safari, Firefox as well as IE8 and works in all mentioned browsers.

We will in the future also test HTTPMon with Opera, as it looks like that Opera is gaining in popularity and is often present on mobile phones.

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