Large thumbshot of monitored websites

Thumbshots of websites are attractive but most of the time they are too small and you can hardly see anything making you think what’s the point of having a thumbshot if you can’t even recognize the website due to the miniature size. This is why we decided since the beginning to use quite big (300 pixels width) and high quality PNG thumbshots as you can see in the Overview tab of a monitored website.

We’ve gone even further now by adding a large version of the websites’s thumbshot of 800 pixels width, which you can view simply by clicking on the small thumbshot itself. This will display the large version of the website’s thumbshot in a lightbox thanks to ColorBox, a light-weight and customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery. A good thing, as you can right away get an acceptable overview of the website even without having to visit it. On top of that, the thumshot is updated on a daily basis during the night.

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