Monitoring probes visually enhanced with status icons

All monitoring results originating from the HTTP probes of a website will now be presented with status icons to help the interpretation of these results. This currently applies to the Last Ten Probes as well as the Downtimes sections of a monitored website which contains the HTTP Code and Transfer Time columns. An example taken from the Last Ten Probes of a monitored website is shown in the image below.

Website monitoring visual enhancement using status icons

Sample of last ten probes, hopefully not your website 😉

The HTTP Code column can contain three different type of icons depending on the result of the web server: if the server responds with an OK (HTTP status code 200) then you will get a green OK icon, if the server responds with any other HTTP code there will be a yellow warning icon and if the web server is not responding you will see a red error icon with no HTTP code.

Likewise can the Transfer Time column contain three different types of icons, the same actually as the HTTP Code column but with a different meaning depending on the transfer time taken to access the main page of the website:  if the transfer time is less than two seconds you will seen the green OK icon, if the transfer time is between two and five seconds there will be the yellow warning icon and if the transfer time is slower than five seconds there will be the red error icon.

With these simple but nice status icons you are now able to quickly get an overview if things are going wrong with your website without having to be an expert in order to interpret the associated results. A big thanks to Maria for the great design work she did with the icons.

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