Monitoring the reverse DNS of your website

A simple but very useful feature has been added yesterday to HTTPMon: reverse DNS lookup. Explained in a few words, HTTPMon will do a reverse DNS lookup of your website’s IP address to find the name associated to it, if there is one of course. This is a simple query where the DNS server resolves an IP address (the one of the web server running your website) to its corresponding name (a PTR record on the DNS server).

The result is currently displayed in the Overview tab of your website’s monitoring information under the Reverse DNS entry. If there are no reverse DNS associated with the IP address of your website it will simply display None. It is good practice to have a reverse DNS entry and now you can easily find out if the server running your website has one or not. Note here that we will also keep the reverse DNS entry associated with the previous IP addresses your website might have had in the past. We just need to find a place to display this information under the IP info tab, which keeps track of your previous IP addresses, but as you can see right now it is already quite packed with information.

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