The hundredth monitored website

Last month, we proudly celebrated our hundredth monitored website. It might sound like a small milestone, nevertheless, for us at HTTPMon, it is great to see people actually using this website monitoring service.

We are even prouder to say that the company who added the 100th monitored website is, in our opinion, one of the most serious and renowned PHP web development agency in Switzerland. In fact, to thank them for trusting us on monitoring one of their amazing projects, which by the way is a flash website event game developed for a public Swiss company, we are going to mention their name here. You might have already recognised the company I am speaking about; if not, it is Liip AG. Thanks guys and continue your great work!

We hope to see in the future many other companies or private persons trusting HTTPMon for monitoring the uptime and status of their websites.

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  • Sara

    Congratulations for achieving this number !!

    It gives us a motivation to work hard and match up your level in the same industry. We at Monitor Scout have launched our monitoring services in beta version.

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