Unofficial testing launch of HTTPMon beta version

Today is the very first day for the front-end website of the HTTP Website Monitoring Tool also simply and shortly called HTTPMon. The backend engine has already been running since now three months collecting test probes from various websites around the world. The website is fully functional and very fast thanks to the AJAX technology. Nevertheless it is still beta, hence the unofficial testing launch, and for sure will contain small bugs. We will do all our best to corrected these as soon as found so don’t hesitate to report to us any problems you may encounter.

For now, have a try at it, signup for your website to be monitored and enjoy HTTPMon keeping you informed about your website’s uptime.

1 comment to Unofficial testing launch of HTTPMon beta version

  • Maria

    Good job. I didn’t know it was possible to monitor my website.
    Now I know that the 100% uptime that I’m paying for is not true…

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