Validating HTML and CSS with W3C’s markup validation service

As part of our milestone to reach to a rock-stable version of HTTPMon and get away from the current beta version, we have been recently cleaning and optimizing the HTML and CSS code. All our HTML code uses the HTML version 4.01 strict document type definition (DTD) and it is therefore possible to easily validate it using the markup validation service from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The same applies for the CSS files as this validator can check many formats including XML. The outcome of this validation check was only two small warnings for the HTML code and none for the CSS. So we corrected the HTML code and revalidated it to be sure we had valid HTML without warnings or errors anymore, which is now the case. You can test our HTML and CSS code by yourself using the two appropriate buttons below.

Valid HTML 4.01 Strict

Valid CSS!

Nowadays, it isn’t a must anymore to have 100% valid HTML code. In fact, most of the websites do not validate against their HTML DTD and in some scenarios it is not even possible to do what you want without generating some warnings or errors in your HTML code. An extreme example would be the home page of Amazon’s website: if you try to validate it you will find out that it has 492 errors and 96 warnings, still the website works fine… The take home message here is that if you are able to remove the HTML validation errors and warnings like us without harming the design and function of your website, why not give it a shot!

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