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As mentioned in a previous blog post, we were working recently on full reports for the monitored websites and are happy to announce that these are now available. The full reports enhances and complements the information already present in the various tabs (overview, last ten probes, server software, etc) of your monitored website and introduces dynamic charts. Thanks to the Google Visualization API (aka Chart Tools) we could make extensive use of its time series chart in order to graph your website’s responsiveness (or speed) as well as all the detailed connection timings to your monitored website.

To access the full report of your website, enter it as usual in the monitoring input field on the left side of HTTPMon, then in the first “Overview” tab you will find a new report icon under your website’s thumbshot, click that very same icon and you’re there! You can see an example with that icon in the image below.

Website monitoring full report icon

The monitored website full report icon circled in red in the overview tab.

Note that your website will need to be at least monitored for 24 hours before you can access the full report. If your website has just been added to HTTPMon, the report icon will only appear after the first day of monitoring.

To summarise, the HTTPMon Full Reports provide you with the following monitoring information:

  • HTML meta description tag as well as title tag
  • Global overview
  • Web server software
  • IP address information
  • Last 24 hours probes
  • Theoretical speed chart
  • Name lookup/connection/transfer times chart
  • Overall uptime chart
  • Overall downtimes

With all the information in the full report, we hope that you will be able to get an even better insight into what is really happening on the hosting side of your website. We are also open to comments or suggestions if there are any particular monitoring data you would like to appear in this report.

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